Zholi Media is a small start up production company of two creatives who specialise in photography, videography and film. Founded by Kalina Mondzholovska in late 2019 in St.Louis, MO, it offers a wide range of professional production services from creative direction, photography, video production, photo and video editing, photo retouching and other creative services within the photography, video and filmmaking industry. We strive to succeed beyond a job well done: to imagine, create, innovate and inspire. 

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Kalina Mondzholovska

Founder / Photographer / Retoucher / Videographer


Kalina is a professional photographer and visual artist and has been active since 2014. She graduated from Webster University with a BFA in Fine Art & Conceptual Photography and has photographed for UberEats, Alive magazine, Fields Foods, 1inMind Apparel, Bakka Organica, among other private and commercial clients in United States and Europe. Although she covers most fields of photography, her favourite subject is people, combining conceptual, editorial and storytelling. She is skilled in retouching and Photoshop compositing. Additionally, she is a videographer/video editor, having worked on social media ads, theatrical performances, music videos, course/instructional videos and short films. She spends her free time on her art and conceptual projects, reading, rock climbing, rollerblading and seeking knowledge.  

To see her art page, visit: www.kalinapm.com






Tel: 314-679-0016 

Location: 800 Olive Street, St.Loius, MO, USA

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Yavor Vesselinov

Film Director / Cinematographer / Editor


Yavor has been actively working in film, documentary, advertising and TV projects as director, writer and editor. He graduated Acting at the National Academy of Theatre & Film Arts (NATFA) in Sofia, Bulgaria in 1999. In 2002, he specialised in Directing for Theatre in NATFA again, and then in 2006 in Cinematography at the Ecole supérieure des études cinématographiques (ESEC) in Paris. In 2014 he majored in Directing for Film & TV at New Bulgarian University, Sofia. He directed and edited many documentaries, including “Liv Ullmann. The House Of Memories” (2018), “Sofia: 100 Years Capital of Bulgarian Cinema” (2016), “Kusturica. Balkan’s Bad Boy” (2012), “Abba, P.S.” (2015), “David Lachapelle: Revolution". He speaks fluently English, French, Italian and Russian.

To see his portfolio, visit: https://www.equivoquepictures.com/

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